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Bike Rack Project

Bike rack installed at Burney Safeway
Bike rack installation
Bike rack installation
Bike rack outside Plumas Bank
Bike rack outside Plumas Bank

Ray's Market Installation Press Release

Bike rack installation
Bike intallation at Ray's

The first of three high quality steel, logo designed bike racks made for eastern Shasta County was installed in front of Burney's Safeway Store.  In the 2016 photos, Burney residents Ralph Lane Jr., left, and Scott Nedved donated their time and materials to the installation.  Two racks were installed this spring at Plumas Bank and Ray's Market, adjacent to Plumas Bank, the rack is conveniently located to hardware store and other local businesses. 


Healthy Shasta, a program of Shasta County Health Department, paid a Redding steel company to fabricate the racks.


Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association arranged for the donated racks and members decided locations.  

2 Wheels 2 Mobility

Refurbished bike
Shiree Hardman

Wheels 2 Mobillity Hardman Press Release

A bike and it's new owner

“2 Wheels 2 Mobility” gives a bicycle to a working individual unable to afford a motorized vehicle. 

A project of Burney-Fall River Bicycle Association (BFBRA), partners include Tri-Counties Community Network of Intermountain Community Center, Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River and Redding Sports LTD with assistance from

Dr. Henry and Fran Patterson.

First refurbished bicycle was given to Burney resident Sammy Nalton, middle, by Bill Campbell, left, BFRBA president and, right, Shaylene Herndon holding Nalton’s baby Aiyana. 

The project idea was sparked when unused bicycles were given to association members. The project involves refurbishing the useable bicycles and giving them to Intermountain residents. 

“2 Wheels 2 Mobility” community partners assured the project’s launch.       

Tri-Counties Network of the Intermountain Community Center, a community service organization providing services to individual’s needing assistance, selects the bicycle recipient.

Rotary Club of Burney-Fall River donated $1,000 to refurbish bicycles and, when needed, purchase a helmet and lock.

Redding Sports LTD significantly discounts refurbishing parts and labor. 

Dr. Henry and Fran Patterson donated the first three helmets and locks. 

Bicycle and financial donors should email Campbell at  The project’s success depends on community participation. 

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